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Assistive Product moso Kinnsteuerung

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chin control for wheelchair


chin control consists of a joystick and 2 buttons. The joystick is standard equipped with a large soft ball. This ensures a good and injury-free contact with the chin. The two buttons are located on the side of the joystick (one on the left, one on the right), so that you can easily reach them with your chin.
A monitor displaying all the necessary information such as the current speed level, battery status and settings is mounted in front of one of the armrests. The side can be freely selected.

Function and operation:
The joystick can be moved smoothly in all directions and is used for control in drive mode, for selection in the menu and for changing the existing seat settings.
One of the two buttons next to the joystick has the function of switching the wheelchair on and off, while the person driving can click through the menu with the other button.
If you are in drive mode and press the menu button, you first change to a higher drive level. After the highest level has been reached, the menu of the wheelchair is displayed. There you will find the lighting and settings of the seating system. One click of the button further and the moving people reach the 1st driving level again. All functions and settings are shown in the display on the armrest.
The chin control can not only be swiveled independently by the driver from the top over the head down and back again, one can also swivel the joystick closer to their chin in the down position. So you have the possibility to bring the joystick in the optimal position for you.

The movement of the complete control is controlled by 2 buttons which are integrated in the sides of the headrest. If you hold down one of the buttons, the control first moves from above your head downwards and then closer to you. With the opposite button, the movement is exactly the opposite, first the control moves forward and then upward. If you release a button, the movement stops exactly in the position in which the control is at that moment.
The two buttons are mounted so far apart that you can lean your head against the headrest at the back in any position. The positioning of the control is possible even if you have switched off the normal control with the button on the joystick.

The ride
Since the joystick can be moved smoothly in any direction, the wheelchair can be controlled precisely. Acceleration and speed are fully governed by the movement of the joystick. Thus, even in the highest driving level, the driving people can drive slowly by moving the joystick only a little bit. The final speed of the selected driving level is reached only when the joystick is moved to the stop.
It can be driven indoors without any problems. Outside it is a wobbly affair, depending on the flooring. Due to the design of the control, the driving people can rest their head on the soft ball on the joystick while driving. This not only saves strength, but also prevents the familiar "stop-and-go" of the wheelchair when there are many bumps in the floor.

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Motion Solutions GmbH
moso - Easystand
Karlsstr. 8
42897 Remscheid
Germany Telephone: 02191 20900420 Email: Homepage:

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