Assistive Product
Treppensteiger Public TRE-52

Product Type:

Stair climber
With loading ramps
Assistant operation
Wheelchair coupling
Universal wheelchair adjustment

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  1. Treppenraupe Public TRE-52
  2. Treppenraupe Public

Areas of Application:

- publicly accessible buildings
- for standard wheelchairs
- for E-wheelchairs
- for different wheelchairs


The unit has a platform with retractable access ramps. The wheelchair is rolled over the ramps onto the unit and strapped there with straps.

Features / Components:

- an assistant manages and controls the device
- the platform is electrically placed in the necessary angular position
- Horizontal tracking on fixed, steerable caster wheels
- self-locking gearbox
- automatic standstill when the guide rod is released
- electric brakes
- Safety belts
- with adjustable neck support
- Electromagnetic brake

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M. Bartels Reha Im- & Export GmbH
Fangdieckstr. 68
22547 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 54753333 Email: Homepage:


Ango Reha-Technik Vertriebs GmbH
Stemeler Str. 99
59846 Sundern
Germany Telephone: 02933 9218800 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Engine power (V / W): 2x 190 W / 30 min
Climbing speed (m / min): upwards: 6,4 / downwards: 9,5
Stair slope (degrees): max. 35
Total weight (kg): 115
Width (cm): 75.7
Length (cm): 125.8
Height (cm): 129
Maximum load (kg): 200
Battery: 2 x 12 V / 24 Ah

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Last Update: 9 Aug 2017