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Treppensteiggerät c-max U1 140 kg

Product Type:
Stair Climber
Auxiliary person operation
Push wheelchair with stair climbing function

- Outdoor and indoor areas
- Straight staircases
- Spiral staircases

The stairclimber increases mobility in everyday and working life. An assistant operates the device. Automatic braking automatically stops at every step edge

Features / Components:
- Patented climbing kinematics
- Safety brakes that automatically stop at each stair nosing
- Damage to the stair nosing is avoided
- agile even on narrow stairs
- can be used on different subfloors also gratings)
- freely selectable climbing speed with single step switching
- horizontal travel: can be used as gate roller stubble, permanently mounted castors, with puncture-proof tires
- easy to disassemble

Technical Data:
Step speed: continuously adjustable
Levels per minute: 8 - 23 steps per minute
Range upwards: approx. 25 floors (corresponds to 375 steps)
Working voltage (V): 24
Stairs dimensions: max. Step height (cm): 21
Length (cm): 109
Width (cm): 48.5
Width without armrests (cm): 44
Depth (cm): 91.5
Depth with folded-in footrests (cm): 73
maximum weight (kg): 140
Weight (kg): 33.4

Options / Accessories:
- Extension of the riser height
- Headrest
- widened armrests
- extended / shortened footrest
- inclinometer
- Voltage transformer
- Harness belt, incl. Lap belt

Price (no guarantee):
The price is available Inquiry from the manufacturer / distributor available.


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AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH


AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH

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