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Treppensteiger Alber scalacombi S36

Product Type:
stair climber
assistant operation
with seat

The height is overcome by 2 pairs of wheels, which pass the steps seamlessly.

Areas of Application:
- old peoples homes
- interiors
- hospitals
- outdoor areas
- straight stairs
- spiral stairs
- for people who are not dependent on a wheelchair but need help to climb stairs.

Features / Components:
- Seat unit folds upwards
- Armrests can be pivoted inwards
- Footrest can be folded up.
- an assistant handles and controls the device
- on the handle unit toggle switch for the direction of travel (up / down) and safety switch (start / stop)
- handles are laterally adjustable for narrow stairwells and continuously height adjustable
- electric brake on all 4 wheels
- Drive by electric motor
- Battery can be charged with a charger at a mains voltage of 90 - 240 V

Technical Data:
Climbing speed: 6-19 steps / min
Total weight (kg): 37.5
Width (cm): 49-52
Maximum load (kg): 180
Range per battery charge: 300 steps

Price (no guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Alber GmbH


Alber GmbH

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