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Assistive Product Alpha Gleitmatte PM-2010 / PM-2020

Product Type:

Turning mats, repositioning aids

Areas of Application:

- bedridden
- decubitus prophylaxis
- obesity


- turning mats in the form of sliding endless tubes
- for repositioning bedridden and heavy patients
- for turning and repositioning on the side with simultaneous support of the chest and pelvis
- change of position possible without outside help

Features / Components:

Material: Cover:
- inner surfaces made of very smooth material
- outer surfaces made of breathable cotton blend or washable nylon
- saliva-proof
- sweat-p

Price (without guarantee):

234,00 EUR including VAT. (distribution)
End user price


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Weitere Details des Vertriebs

Further Information

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Petermann GmbH
Waldweg 3
91601 Dombühl
Germany Telephone: 09868 9339-0 Email: Homepage:


Devita GmbH
Poststr. 11
66649 Oberthal
Germany Telephone: 06854 803081 Email: Homepage:


Order number: Material: Dimensions:
RM 2010 PES/ Carbon 50 x 60 cm
RM 2020 Cotton 50 x 60 cm

Options / Accessories:

Accessories: Replacement cover



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