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Slide mat for transfer from bed to wheelchair

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The movement aid MoveMaster is a side-open sliding mat with three handles.
The MoveMaster makes it easier to move the bed in the bed or to move it from the bed to the wheelchair or to the toilet chair by reducing friction under the buttocks or under the hip and shoulders.
The MoveMaster is folded twice, with the handles at the top. A hand or the sliding plate is then inserted into the MoveMaster and this as far as possible under the buttocks of the person to be reprocessed. After this, the slide or the hand is removed again. When the transfer is seated, sliding the sliding board allows a flat support. The MoveMaster is removed by pulling it out at the lower part.

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Material: nylon

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On Request: distributor

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Handicare Group AB
Ingmar Bergmans gata 4
114 34 Stockholm
Sweden Telephone: +46 8 52328100 Email: Homepage:


RMT RehaMed Technology GmbH
Waldstr. 66a
63128 Dietzenbach
Germany Telephone: 06074 8213-0 Email: Homepage:

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Size: 120 x 47 cm



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