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Case Study
Workplace design for a care professional


This is a home for people with a physical and mental disability.

Disability and impairment of the employee:

The man has a back condition and is on a par with people with a severe disability. He should no longer lift and carry heavy loads due to his disability. This is especially true if this involves forced postures, such as bending and stooping of the upper body.

Training and job:

The man is a trained nursing specialist and works in a group for severely disabled people at the home.

Workplace and work task:

The tasks of the nursing specialist in the group for severely disabled people also include caring for patients in wheelchairs. Among other things, they have to help them go to the toilet. This involves helping patients from the wheelchair onto the toilet or onto a turntable to undress. Due to his disability, the care specialist found it difficult to lift and support the patients.
Due to the changing locations, a mobile raising aid with turntable was purchased for the care specialist to make it suitable for disabled people. It makes it much easier to stand and turn patients who are dependent on a wheelchair and thus helps to reduce the physical strain on the care professional.

Assistive products used:

Promotion and participation:

The design suitable for disabled people was funded by the Integration and Inclusion Office. Advice was provided by the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration and Inclusion Office.

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Last Update: 11 Mar 2024