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Umsetzhilfe Akuakalda

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Transfer assistance for wheelchair users

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Umsetzhilfe Akuakalda

Areas of Application:

- wheelchair users
- Transfer from the bed or a couch into the wheelchair
- Transfer from the wheelchair to the bed or a couch


The transfer aid was developed to have a mobile transfer aid at hand if no lift is available.

According to the supplier, the following must be observed:

Even though the point of contact should lie below the chest, medical advice should be sought prior to use in people with severe cardiac and respiratory distress. The same is true for severe osteoporosis.

Price (without guarantee):

469,00 EUR tax incl.
Final consumer price
Date of issue:11.02.2017

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SHI-Medical Technical Aids Register |

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Vassilli Deutschland GmbH
Am Hillpark 1
32584 Löhne
Germany Telephone: 05732 9835-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Weight: 7,5 Kg
Max. User weight: 130 Kg
Height adjustable: from 74-88 cm



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