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Transfer platform

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  1. ReTurn7600
  2. SystemRoMedic – ReTurn7600
  3. SystemRoMedic – ReTurn7600

Areas of Application:

- Active standing up
- Transfer between bed, armchair, wheelchair and toilet
- Positioning in the back of the armchair or wheelchair.
- Training device for the movement patterns when getting up

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Handicare Group AB
Ingmar Bergmans gata 4
114 34 Stockholm
Sweden Telephone: +46 8 52328100 Email: Homepage:


RMT RehaMed Technology GmbH
Waldstr. 66a
63128 Dietzenbach
Germany Telephone: 06074 8213-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Total height: 1210 mm
total weight: 26 kg
base plate, length: 795 mm
base plate, width: 672 mm
base plate, height: 45 mm
permissible load: 205 kg



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