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Aufstehhilfe - Umsetzhilfe ROLEO

Product Type:
Stool with turntable

Areas of Application:
- Limitations of movement and function of the lower extremities and in the area of the pelvic girdle
- Getting up difficult or impossible without help from other people
- Bedriddenness
- Short transfer and transport in a sitting posture
- Passages from 60 cm

The aid is used when the patient can only be moved from the sitting position to the vertical position with third-party assistance. Full verticalization, especially in the side-access seat, is not essential.
The device is not intended for people who are unable to put their feet to the feet despite the use of hand grip, traction belt and tibial support.

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GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis /

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Leonair GmbH


Leonair GmbH

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