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Assistive Product RollOn Manuelle Transferhilfe

Product Type:

Stand-up aid and transfer aid


RollOn is a stand-up aid that was developed for transferring from and to a sitting position. It also works as an aid to and from the toilet or between bed and chair.
The device can be an alternative to a wheelchair, especially in situations where patients are at risk of harming themselves or a caregiver; for example, if the patient has to stand up after an operation or after delivery.
Even if a patient has slid forward in a wheelchair, the RollOn can be used to bring him back into a sitting position RollOn is based on the principle that the patient uses his or her own strength to pull himself into a standing position. The nurse lowers the padded rear supports and the patient is surrounded by a safe and stable support. The lower leg support can be swiveled to distribute the support evenly from sitting to standing.

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