Assistive Product Alpha Haltegürtel

Product Type:

Retaining strap for transferring

Areas of Application:

- Transfer aid to support a patient when getting up / sitting down
- when transferring a patient to a wheelchair, to the toilet, etc.
- when walking for insecure or circulatory unstable patients


The holding belt, consisting of a padded nylon material, is placed around the patient's stomach and closed with the help of a quick-release fastener that is adjustable in width. The inside of the holding belt is provided with a slip-resistant material so that it adheres well to clothing. Depending on the size, the handle has three, four or five easy-to-grip handles.

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Petermann GmbH
Waldweg 3
91601 Dombühl
Germany Telephone: 09868 9339-0 Email: Homepage:


EKH Strunk GmbH
Essener Str. 1
57234 Wilnsdorf
Germany Telephone: 02739 8908040 Email: Homepage:


Order number: Dimensions: Price:
PM 6013 60 - 110 cm 159.00 EUR
PM 6014 72 - 140 cm 188.00 EUR
PM 6015 100 - 160 cm 192.00 EUR



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