Assistive Product FloJac Airbed

Product Type:

Air-assisted lifting cushion for people who have fallen

Areas of Application:

- caregiving assistive products
- lifting patients after a fall


The FloJac is an air-assisted lifting device that helps caregivers lift patients off the floor after a fall.
The multi-layer system is flat when uninflated and inflates layer by layer.

Features / Components:

- reusable
- safety wedge for a semi-sitting position
- central line allows patient to be aligned on the device
- inlet valve
- pressure indicator
- carrying handles for better posture
- ergonomic handles for repositioning

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KREIENBAUM Neoscience GmbH
Heinrich-von-Stephan-Str. 9
40764 Langenfeld
Germany Telephone: 02173 39927-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Model: Ordering Number: Width:
FloJac B-Flo Jac32 approx. 81 cm
FloJac B-Flo Jac39 approx. 100 cm



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Last Update: 17 Jun 2022