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Product Type:

Bed reins

Areas of Application:

- Support when sitting up in bed
- Aids that facilitate care
- Disability to grip


Bed reins support weakened people in their natural movement. In contrast to conventional bed ladders, people do not have to be able to reach for it. The distance between the individual nodes enables optimal gripping and holding. The bed reins are available with ruffled and smooth spaces as well as an XXL version. The bed reins are coated with polyurethane and thus protected against moisture. Due to its low weight, the bed reins do not lie heavily on the bed and can be moved easily and quietly.
The bed reins should only be attached to the non-moving parts of the bed frame.
In confused or sedated patients, the bed reins should only be used under supervision and removed again after use.

Price (without guarantee):

80.90 EUR including VAT (sales)
End-consumer price

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Barbara Schardt e.K.
Haunberger Str. 31
84378 Dietersburg
Germany Telephone: 08726 96787-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Length: 150 cm



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