Assistive Product
Comde-Teleskop-Faltstock TF 25 Comde-Teleskop-Faltstock TF28

Product Type:

cane for the blind

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Comde-Teleskop-Faltstock TF 25

Areas of Application:

- blind persons
- visually impaired persons

Features / Components:

- Folding stick made of light aluminum
- six-part
- infinitely extendable
- collapsible
- reflective film on the lower part of the stick
- All floors are interchangeable
- Vibration dampened
- rigid tip made of black plastic
- Handle with hand loop
- at the lower end of the wooden handle elastic velcro fastening, which binds the folded stick together
- Delivery including case

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the producer / distributor.

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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Comde-Derenda GmbH
Kieler Str. 9
14532 Stahnsdorf
Germany Telephone: 03329 69027-10 Email: Homepage:


Deutscher Hilfsmittelvertrieb gem. GmbH
Bleekstr. 26
30559 Hannover
Germany Telephone: 0511 95465-0 Email: Homepage:


- Folding stick available in a longer and a shorter version (TF 25 or TF 28)

Technical Data:

Length: 111 - 125 cm (Model TF 25) / 126 - 143 (Model TF 28)
Put together: 25/28 cm
Weight: 190/210 g

Blind and visually impaired persons are exempt from VAT.



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