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Türschild CTA taktil

Product Type:

Door sign with tactile marking

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Türschild CTA taktil

Areas of Application:

- Visual impairment
- Blindness
- Braille lettering
- Signage of buildings


On the front side, the room digit is applied in the upper area of the pane, both in Braille braille and in raised profile lettering with a prismatic cross-section next to each other in sequence.
In order for the numerals to appear user-friendly, the Braille is displayed with low contrast in the colour and brightness tone of the background. The profile lettering, on the other hand, is applied in high-contrast white on a dark grey background for sighted people, people with impaired vision and people who can feel the tactile lettering sample form.
On the back, a dark grey coloured spattere covers the entire width of the sign in the upper area. The height of the spattere is 20 percent of the visible height or the transparent pane of the door sign.
The spattere serves to provide optimum contrast behind the visually perceptible room numbers. For people with limited visual perception, this contrast area makes it easier to find light-coloured or transparent signs in front of light-coloured wall surfaces. The back cover must not contain any visible inclusions of foreign particles or substances. Scratch-resistant screen printing, digital printing or through-dyed laminated films as colour spatters are possible.

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Informationstechnik Meng GmbH
Am Bahnhof 8
55765 Birkenfeld
Germany Telephone: 06782 99410 Email: Homepage:


Informationstechnik Meng GmbH
Am Bahnhof 8
55765 Birkenfeld
Germany Telephone: 06782 99410 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Sealing height (VH): at least 10 mm
Relief height (raised area) at 10 mm VH: 1.2 mm



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