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Assistive Product Pauto

Product Type:

Electronic orientation aid and walking stick

Areas of Application:

  • Walking aids
  • Orientation aids
  • GPS person tracking
  • Parkinson's


The assistive products is designed to solve the problem of blockage in Parkinson's patients. When a blockage is detected, vibrations and a laser projection on the floor can be used to resume gait. In addition, there is a GPS location function. Pauto's technology can connect to people monitoring the patient in an emergency. In the event of a fall, the device sends a text message to the caregiver, who receives the GPS location in real time.

Through a website, control and tracking are possible: number of steps, calories burned, blocks, distance walked, battery status.
On a map, one can see the route walked. Reports can be made on all activities.

The assistive products is offered in three versions with different functions.

Pauto basic:
The laser projection of a green line and a red dot as well as the vibrations of the cane handle can interrupt blockages. The walking aid is suitable for both indoor and autonomous outdoor walking.

No monthly subscription is required as no data or symptoms are recorded and there is no connection to caregivers.

Pauto connect:
This version connects the patient with authorized caregivers. They can receive SMS notifications in case of emergency, falls or crossing the safety zone and locate the location in real time.
This version allows control and monitoring via the Internet and the app. In addition, activity and symptom reports are generated.

Pauto premium
Pauto Premium combines the functions of Pauto Connect and Basic. It is a smart stick that connects to authorized caregivers so that they receive SMS notifications in case of emergency.
The difference with Pauto connect is that this package includes connection costs for two years.

Price (without guarantee):

pauto basic: 238,40 EUR
pauto connect: 279,20 EUR
pauto premium: 595,00 EUR
(end user prices incl. VAT)
Price date: 03.05.2023

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