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Assistive Product Waymap

Product Type:

Electronic Orientation Aid

Areas of Application:

- Visual Impairment
- Blindness


The app helps people with visual impairment navigate public transportation. It has an infinite memory in terms of routing and allows a large mobility space for users.
The app provides free audio step-by-step directions that are accurate to within one meter. The startup does not use GPS to track users, but instead uses a smartphone's Inertial Measurement Unit sensors, i.e. magnetometer, accelerometer and barometer.
The data is fed into the Waymap algorithm, which uses Bayesian statistics to give 5,000 possible locations where the using people might be at their next step and calculates where they are most likely to be. This algorithm is run in conjunction with Waymap's map matching algorithm to provide accurate directions to the visually impaired.

Accurate location determination also depends on mapping the surrounding environment. In the future, Waymap will use maps from local transit agencies or open street maps to map the exterior of transit stops and stations.
For the Washington trial, Waymap used lidar scans to map the stations, as well as 360-degree video. The scans provided the layout of the stations, and the videos helped identify obstacles or points of interest - such as columns, trash cans or seating areas - for people with disabilities.

The developer company recently completed a two-week test of its application at three Washington Metro stops and plans to launch a trial at 25 Metro stations and 1,000 bus stops by September 2022.
Once Waymap usage reaches critical mass, the company wants sighted people to use the app while driving so they can provide the startup with data about their steps and how they move around locations. This should help Waymap's algorithms learn through constantly updated maps and routing info.

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