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Routago Assist

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Orientierungshilfe, acoustic

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Routago Assist

Areas of Application:

Blindness and visual impairment


Routago Assist consists of various modules to support the blind and visually impaired in traffic.
Operation is also via voice-over.


A central component of the navigation is a special routing technology. It is used in Routago Assist to determine a safe route that is optimized for blind pedestrians.
The route can be simulated in the route preview so that the route can be memorized in advance.
Precise instructions are used to run on the safe route supports and takes place GPS-guided with the support of the other sensors of the smartphone.


The Environment module provides information on points of interest and objects in the vicinity of the current location. These can be buildings, shops, restaurants, intersections, bus stops or even park benches and mailboxes and numerous other so-called points of interest.
In radar mode, Routago Assist sorts the information like on the face of a clock and reads it with its respective position and approximate distance.
In the torch mode, the information is displayed and announced to which the smartphone is horizontally aligned.


The route can be recorded while running. A library can be created with the most frequent routes.
The routes can be shared with other Routago Assist users.

Object recognition:

The object recognition identifies certain objects in the video image of your smartphone camera.
The types of objects (person, car , ..) are announced together with the approximate distances.
Artificial intelligence continuously analyzes the moving images in Routago Assist.

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The price can be found in the App Store.

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Routago GmbH
Pforzheimer Str. 128b
76275 Ettlingen
Germany Telephone: 07243 200 466-0 Email: Homepage:


Routago GmbH
Pforzheimer Str. 128b
76275 Ettlingen
Germany Telephone: 07243 200 466-0 Email: Homepage:

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