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App for orientation suitable for the blind and visually impaired

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  2. SpeechCode

Areas of Application:

- Reading out packaging and pharmaceutical package inserts
- Talking signs in tourism as Audio Guide


With the app, texts can be captured using a two-dimensional color code on the smartphone and reproduced via voice output.
In contrast to QR codes, which essentially have a link to a website SpeechCodes themselves contain the information that is shown by the app on the smartphone display and made audible using text-to-speech technology.

Features / Components:

- Internet access or download is not necessary to use the app

Price (without guarantee):

SpeechCode app free of charge

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Speech Code Produktsicherheits GmbH
Frankenberggasse 13/13
1040 Wien
Austria Telephone: +43 664 3503455 Email: Homepage:


Google Inc. (Google Play)
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
CA 94043 Mountain View
United States Telephone: +1 650 253-0000 Email: Homepage:

Apple Inc. (iTunes)
1 Infinite Loop
CA 95014 Cupertino
United States Email: Homepage:

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