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Assistive Product Ultra Cane

Product Type:

Electronic Orientation Aid with Ultrasound

Areas of Application:

  • Blindness
  • Visual Impairment


The UltraCane uses ultrasound to detect and indicate obstacles at both ground and head level. Two vibration pads placed in a row on the unit's handle, on which the thumb comes to rest, signal whether an obstacle is in the floor area or at head level. The intensity of the vibrations indicates the distance to the obstacle.
This type of feedback is processed in the spatial perception center of the brain, which provides the user with an image of the surroundings.

Price (without guarantee):

1,140.00 EUR
(retail price incl. VAT)
Price date: 02.05.2023

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Marland GmbH
Zollenreuter Str. 6
88326 Aulendorf
Germany Telephone: 00800 6363-6363 Email: Email: Homepage:

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