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Transportstuhl Anatome

Product Type:
Carrying Chair, Nursing Chair, Reclining Chair
Use: Indoor Area

The Anatome Transport Chair can be individually adapted to the patients body shape. Due to various mounting options, the transport chair offers more flexibility when attaching infusion stands and other accessories. Height-adjustable armrests and the rear-folding headrest to increase the safety of the patient. The transport chair int is available in two model variants (model SM647A / model SM647B).

Features / Components:
- Frame: rigid
- Push handles
- Headrest: folds backwards
- Backrest: padded, inclinable
- Seat: tiltable, upholstered , hydraulically height-adjustable on model 647B
- Armrest: padded, height-adjustable and retractable
- Footrest: foldout
- Brake: central brake
- Color: various colors available

Technical Data:
Model 647A Model 647B
Total width: 68 cm 68 cm
Overall height: 134.5 cm 150 cm
Total depth (with footrest): 109 cm 109 cm
Seat height: 51 cm 49.5 - 71.5 cm
Wheels: 12, 5 cm 12.5 cm
Weight: 45 kg 58 kg
load capacity: 135 kg 135 kg

Options / Accessories:
- Infusion stand (including 4 hooks)
- Headrest
- Comfort seat cushion
- Tray
- double rollers for model 647B

Price (without guarantee):
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Hillrom GmbH


Hillrom GmbH

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