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Workplace design for an owner of a car dealership with paraplegia

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Autohausinhaber mit Stehrollstuhl


The man has a severely handicapped and is independent. He is owner of the Deer car dealership, which is sold with vehicles or sold and built by himself. The complete range of vehicles - except for commercial vehicles (for example trucks) - is part of the offer. The owner specializes in high-quality terrain vehicles, as these form a niche on the automotive market and also have always been a hobby for him. The owner employs two other employees, who take over the service or workshop work. For the owner the work as well as his company was and is an important part of his life. Especially after his accident and the resulting severe handicap, the work forms a special kind of therapy, which enables him to participate in society.

Disability and functional limitation:

After a private accident, the car owner is paralyzed and dependent on the use of a wheelchair. His mobility and mobility are limited by his mobility. The degree of disability (GdB) is 100.After the accident, the car owner was initially given medical care and operated. This was followed by medical rehabilitation. In the context of medical rehabilitation, a mobility training for the use of the wheelchair was also carried out. During the period of rehabilitation, the social service of the rehabilitation clinic contacted him and the engineering department of the Integrations Office to discuss the necessary measures and thus enable the continuation of the company and the professional activity.

Workplace and work duties:

The owner is responsible for the sales and administrative tasks he takes from his workstation at the office. The screen workstation was equipped with an electromotorically height-adjustable work table, which can be operated with the wheelchair or standing wheelchair in a sitting posture. The standing wheelchair allows the car owner to work in a standing position at the height-adjustable work table by means of the electromotive upright function. In addition, the wheelchair helps to compensate for its restricted gripping space by virtue of the standing function, so that it can, for example, Can also take office files from the upper shelves and remove them again. During the sales talks and the customer consultation on the vehicles, the standing wheelchair enables the owner to communicate with the customer on the same level as the vehicle and the engine compartment, which is particularly useful in the higher terrain vehicles.

Work environment and mobility:

Outside the car-house, the owner uses a light grip wheelchair (active wheelchair), which can be driven more simply by muscular power and is more manoeuvrable. The owner of the car is returning the daily work journey with his car with automatic gearbox, which has been converted from foot-to manual operation (gas and brake). The entrance and exit is done with the gripping wheelchair sideways over a sliding door. With the aid of the electric lifting platform of the vehicle, it reaches the vehicle with the gripper tire wheelchair. In the vehicle, he converts from the gripper wheelchair to a swivel seat, which is finally rotated by him in front of the steering wheel in the direction of travel. For the driving of the car appropriate conditions were made by the driver's license and the TÜV. The car owner parked his car on the premises near the entrance of the office. He reaches the office with the gripper wheelchair over a ramp. In the office, he then moves from the gripper wheelchair to his working or standing wheelchair.

Assistive devices used:

motor vehicle accessories and adaptations for speed control motor vehicle seats and cushions as well as accessories and adaptations aids for the transport of persons sitting in wheelchairs in or out of vehicles bimanual handrim-drive wheelchairs electrically powered wheelchairs with electronic steering (coaster) stationary ramps work tables

Further Information

The integration office supported the disabled-friendly design (tools for the workplace, car adaptation and barrier-free design). The consultancy was carried out by the vehicle dealer and engineering specialist for the work of the Integration Office, which is suitable for disabled persons, the so-called Technical Advisory Service. The standard gripping wheelchair was supported by the health insurance company.

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