Case Study
Vocational training of a paraplegic apprentice as a tailor


The employer is a tailor.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The man is a paraplegic since a private accident. It relies on the use of a wheelchair. His grasping space is limited due to disability. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 100


The man is trained as a tailor in a vocational training centre.

Workplace and duties:

Among the activities of the trainees include the cutting of the fabrics, sewing and customizing and stitching on the model. With that, he held, because of its limited gripping space, big trouble. In order for the trainees to fulfill its tasks, a standing wheelchair was purchased. In this special wheelchair continuous adjustment between sitting and standing posture. Moreover, it can now also bring sewing from the shelves and drawers that were unreachable before terms of height for him. Through the use of the standing wheelchair, the gripping Limited space is balanced, so that the trainees can now perform all activities without help.

Assistive devices used:

ISO 12 23 06 electrically powered wheelchairs with electronic steering

Further Information

Training in Vocational Training and the standing wheelchair for disability-oriented design was funded by the employment agency. In REHADAT you will find the address and phone the employment agencies.

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