Case Study
Work design for an administrative specialist


It is a municipal administration.

Disability and impairment of the employee:

The woman suffers from rheumatism and relies on a wheelchair as a mobility aid. Due to the severe handicap, their ability to handle objects in the restricted gripping space is also limited.

Education and profession:

The woman completed vocational training as an administrative clerk at the city administration and has been working in the administration ever since.

Workplace and duties:

The employee takes on office and administrative work at her computer workstation. The workplace is equipped as follows, with: - a height-adjustable and wheelchair-accessible desk, - a large button telephone with headset and - an electric hole punch and stapler. The large-button telephone enables simple operation via the buttons and, in conjunction with the headset, it is possible to work on the PC or with the keyboard while making a call. The electric punch and stapler can be used to file the documents for the files with little effort and handling. The administrative clerk uses her standing wheelchair to store or remove files from the higher shelves. Working environment - mobility: The wheelchair-bound administrative assistant can reach the workplace without barriers. The building has the necessary aids (lift, electric door opener, etc.). Not only the access to the workplace, but also the way to the barrier-free sanitary room can be covered without difficulties with the wheelchair, which was also already designed barrier-free.

Assistive devices used:

Power wheelchairs (standing wheelchairs) Landline telephones (large-button telephones) Work tables Aids for organising, sorting and archiving paper documents

Further Information

The workplace design was promoted by the integration or inclusion office. It was not necessary to promote the barrier-free design of the building by the integration or inclusion office, as the building was already designed to be barrier-free for the public authorities and administrative corridors. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration or inclusion office.

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Last Update: 22 Jun 2021