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G2 / G2T

Product Type:
Push rim wheelchair,
Sports wheelchair with rigid frame

The G2 adaptive wheelchair is a professional sports wheelchair from Oracing. It is custom-made and suitable as a base for sports such as basketball, tennis, badminton, hockey or rugby. It is also available in a pure tennis version and is called G2T.

Features / Components:
- Frame: Made to measure wheelchair, conical stem, aluminium frame, rigid
- Back: selectable back depth and back height
- seat dimensions: all dimensions selectable
- Legrest: selectable length
- Footrest: selectable depth, height adjustable, angle adjustable
- Drive: Push rim drive
- Push rims: wide or narrow mounted, aluminium, cover
- Wheels: selectable wheel sizes, selectable camber
- Tyres: pneumatic tyres
- miscellaneous: anti-tipper, thru axle, selectable centre of gravity
- Colour: aluminium

Technical Data:
seat width: made to measure
Seat depth: made to measure
Seat height: made to measure
Back height: made to measure
Drive wheels: 24 / 25 / 26 inch
Camber: made to measure

Options / Accessories:
- Back: ergonomic back
- Seat: ergonomic seat, seat cushion, aluminium or carbon seat plate, leather upholstery
- Side panels: Aluminium, Carbon, welded or screwed
- Footrest: Platform lips
- Push rims: stainless steel, titanium
- Wheels: various drive wheel designs, double anti-tilt wheel, radially stored drive wheels
- miscellaneous: frame protection, stoppers under bumpers, reinforced axle
- Colour: various colours available

Price (no guarantee):
Oracing basic model G2: 4.225,00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)
Oracing basic model G2T: 4.225,00 EUR plus tax (recommended retail price)



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