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Mika Fahrgestell für Sitzschalen

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Wheelchair underframe for fitting a seat shell
Handrim wheelchair
Option: push wheelchair

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  1. Mika Fahrgestell für Sitzschalen
  2. Mika gefaltet


The Mika wheelchair underframe is available with a straight frame or with an abduction frame. The abduction frame allows the legs to be spread in the sitting position. The degree of abduction depends on the size of the chassis. It is 10 cm for size 0 and size 1 and 14 cm for size 2 and size 3. The seat shell and drive wheels can be removed to transport the wheelchair base. The back tubes are folded onto the seat.

Features / Components:

- Frame: steel frame, 2 frames selectable: straight frame, abduction frame, frame each available in 4 sizes (sizes 0, 1, 2, 3)
- Push handles: height adjustable
- Back: angle-adjustable back section (50 degrees)
- seat: seat tilt up to 30 degrees, seat depth extension backwards by 10 cm
- drive: push rim drive
- wheels: selectable wheel sizes, integrated wheelbase extension (adjustable perforated plates, extension 8 cm), selectable wheel sizes
- Tires: Drive wheel optionally with puncture-proof tires, steering wheels with solid rubber tires or pneumatic tires
- Brake: drum brake on the drive wheels (companion brake)
- Colors: various colors available
- Other:
Thru axles

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Rehatec GmbH
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Rehatec GmbH
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69250 Schönau
Germany Telephone: 06228 9136-0 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

(straight frame)
Total width: 55.5 - 74 cm
Frame length: 67/74 cm
Seat width: 32/35/38/41/44/51/54 / 54.5 cm
Seat depth: 30 - 52 cm
Seat height: 41/46 cm
back height: 97 - 105 cm
back angle: 50 degrees
drive wheels: 12/20/22/24 inches
front wheels: 5/6/7/8 inches
weight: from 14 kg
load capacity: 120 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Frame: abduction frame (sizes 0-3), long frame (for sizes 1, 2, 3), incl. Seat depth extension of 10 cm
- sliding arch: adjustable angle
- back: gas pressure spring for back adjustment, Back mounting for seat shell
- Seat: seat plate extension
- Armrests: height-adjustable, width-adjustable, angle-adjustable
- Footrests: one-piece, divided, angle-adjustable or fixed, foldable
- Brake: Parking brake on the drive wheel
- Other:
Trapeze adapter, Scalamobil, tilting aid, tilt protection, Power knot system, calf pads

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