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Wheelchair frame for equipping with a seat shell
Hand rim wheelchair
Option: Push wheelchair

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The Racer wheelchair frame promotes the active mobility of children. By adapting a seat shell, children with individual requirements for seating units can take part in active life.

Features / Components:

- Frame: aluminum, abduction frame, 3 frame sizes to choose from
- Push handles: sliding arch, height-adjustable, angle-adjustable, foldable
- Back: foldable backrest and angle adjustable from 90 to 120 degrees
- seat: angle adjustable from -10 to +30 degrees, height adjustable
- seat dimensions: seat width, seat depth, seat height selectable
- drive: push rim drive or push wheelchair
- push rims: aluminum
- wheels: selectable wheel sizes, Camber can be selected (standard 4 degrees)
- tires: drive wheels; Air or puncture proof, steering wheels; Solid rubber tires or pneumatic tires
- Brake: drum brake
- Other: Racer also available as a sliding version with 12 inch drive wheels
- Color: various colors available (no extra charge)

Price (without guarantee):

Basic model Racer: 2,170.00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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SHI-Medical Technical Aids Register | |

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Berollka-aktiv Rollstuhltechnik GmbH
Jahnstr. 16
74889 Sinsheim
Germany Telephone: 07261 7351-0 Email: Homepage:


Berollka-aktiv Rollstuhltechnik GmbH
Jahnstr. 16
74889 Sinsheim
Germany Telephone: 07261 7351-0 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

Total width: 54 / 55.5 / 60 / 61.5 / 66 / 67.5 cm
Total length: 70-80 cm
Total height: 95-117 cm
Seat width: seat frame width (frame 0/1/2); 26/32/38 cm
seat depth: 30/35 cm
seat height: 42-53 cm
drive wheels: 12/20/22/24 inches
camber: 0/4/7 degrees
steering wheels: 140 mm, 6/7 inches
Weight: 14 kg
Load capacity: 90 kg

SHI-Aid numbers:
Racer (with 24 inch drive wheels) -
Racer (with 12 inch rear wheels) -

Options / Accessories:

- Back: back guide for seat shell back, longer back tubes, backrest angle adjustable through Gas pressure spring
- seat: angle adjustable by gas pressure spring, seat extension
- side parts: wheel cover, clothes guard made of aluminum
- armrests: foldable, height adjustable, angle adjustable
- leg supports: angle adjustable, length adjustable, foldable
- footrests: one-piece or divided, angle adjustable, foldable, lockable for footrests: foldable, one-piece or divided
- handrims: handripe cover
- wheels: wheelbase extension (9 cm)
- brake: parking brake for drive wheel, brake lever extension: foldable
- other:
various trapezoidal adapters, tilt protection, tipping aid



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