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Case Study
Barrier-free design for a manager


The employer is a large company that manufactures margarine.

Employee's Disability and Functional Limitation:

The man is a paraplegic and relies on the use of a wheelchair. His range of grasp and mobility are limited due to disability. The GdB (degree of disability) is 100.


The man is employed as a product manager by the employer.

Job description:
The product manager is responsible for marketing margarine. To this end, he develops marketing strategies, analyses market research data, prepares forecasts and supports the development of prototypes or product variants.

Working environment (actual state):

Almost the entire building is accessible to the product manager. He uses an elevator to get to his workplace. To carry out his work, he also has to visit the various departments of the company, e.g. the test kitchen, the sensory department, packaging development and quality control. These departments are located on the 21st floor of the building. However, the elevators end on the 20th floor, so the 21st floor can only be reached by stairs. The product manager must therefore be carried up or down these stairs by his colleagues in his wheelchair.

Working environment (target state):

Access to the 21st floor must be designed barrier-free so that the product manager can reach the rooms on this floor at any time and without assistance. To make this possible, a stair lift with wheelchair platform has been installed in the stairwell from the 20th floor.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The barrier-free design was funded by the Integration and Inclusion Office.

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Last Update: 9 Dec 2009