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Case Study
Job at the service provider K Production via the budget for work


The company offers consulting and training in the areas of accessibility and inclusion as well as easy read and dance.

Recep Özdemir wrote the following text about his experiences in the workshop for disabled people (WfbM) and about his current workplace.

My time in the Workshop for Disabled People (WfbM):

I got up at 5:00 a.m. five days a week. At about 6:30 I was picked up by the driving service. Most of the time we were in the workshop between 7:00 and 7:10. At 7:30 we started work. At about 2:00 p.m. I finished work.
Often I just sat around because there was no work for me. I always wondered why I had to get up so early. I consider myself an intelligent person who can't do nothing all day.
Because I am a quiet friendly person, my group leaders, social educators and colleagues liked me.
It was often very noisy in the group. I was always very exhausted when I returned home in the afternoon. Often not from the work itself, but from the mental strain.
For this 'work' I got about 150 € per month. In addition I didn't get very much basic income.
In the end I became a member of the workshop council. I did not like this very much either. In the workshop council I got to know Christian Judith. He was the confidant there. He still is. From Christian I learned that he has his own company called K Production. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable in the workshop and would like to work somewhere else. Through this conversation and the Hamburg Budget for Work I then came to K Produktion.
The group leaders and social pedagogues at the workshop never helped me in this respect. If I hadn't met Christian back then, I would probably still be vegetating in the workshop.

My life with K Production:

My colleagues are very nice.
I have my beloved peace and quiet.
I earn a lot more.
I no longer have to claim basic welfare.
I know why I get up at 7:00 in the morning.
Because my colleagues are often away, usually have no one to talk to. But this is a thousand times better than the WfbM.


The practice example was made available to REHADAT-Gute Praxis by the Internet offer - which is promoted by action humans.

Further Information

With the budget for work humans with handicap are promoted with the transition from the WfbM on the first job market and enterprises as well as supported.
Support can be provided on a needs-oriented basis through various support services, e.g. through a job coach.
The support through the Budget for Work is provided by the authority that is responsible for the services in the working area of the WfbM. As a rule, this is the agency responsible for integration assistance. The support through the Budget for Work also includes a wage subsidy, which is paid to companies.

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Last Update: 26 Apr 2023