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Fahrgestell für Sitzschalen F1

Product Type:
street undercarriage for seats

Features / Components:
Construction:rigid aluminum frame with abduction, seat frame adjustable in height and angle adjustable by gas lift, back with gas spring angle adjustable and foldable
Adjustment. Customization through a variety of option parts such as Foot board variants, seat and back accessories etc

Technical Data:
weight:12 kg (without drive wheels)
load capacity:120 kg
frame sizes:0, 1, 2, 3
seat height (depending on wheel size):42-53 cm adjustable
driving wheel:20 , 22 or 24
wheels:20 x1, 22 x1, 24 x1
steering wheel:140 mm / 6 / 7

Options / Accessories:
- Keystone adapter for the seat shell
- different Fußbrettvarianten
- back guide
- seat extensions
- wheel covers for the drive wheels

Price (no guarantee):
2080.00 EUR plus VAT
Consumer Price
Price Date:02:11 .2016




GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis / /

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Berollka-aktiv Rollstuhltechnik GmbH


Berollka-aktiv Rollstuhltechnik GmbH

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update status: 02.11.2016

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