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Scout Buggy

Product Type:
Rehabuggy for the terrain

The off-road buggy was manufactured with the anatomically shaped backrest. This design provides stabilization and erection of the trunk and promotes visual contact with the environment.
The buggy has a hand-operated disc brake and a foot lever brake for safety and control for parents or assistants.

The stroller in the standard equipment has double-sided hand and foot brakes; Pimpled, air-filled tires; Foldable armrests; Removable and adjustable footrests; Reinforced and padded back and seat cover in an anatomically shaped back support frame; Adjustable seat depth; Three-point seat belt; Adjustable crotch band and a holding strap.

The Scout Transit model is equipped with a fastening system for bus transfer. The buggy was placed in the direction of travel and equipped with a suitable five-point fastening system. It is crash-tested and reached a performance of 50 km / h 20g. This model is equipped with padded shoulder straps and a headrest extension.

Options / Accessories:
- Removable adduction strap
- Detachable abduction strap
- Add / abduction straps for seats
- Angle adjustable footplates
- heel / ankle cuffs
- Hanger
- Anti-tip protection
- Headrests
- Back extension
- Steering stop
- Three-point lap belt
- padded shoulder straps
- Detachable torso support vest
- Removable trunk support - easy
- Detachable trunk support - double
- Wedge cushion
- Flat seat insert
- Seating insert with buttressing & chamfering
- Multi-section flat seat unit
- Seating insert with buttress recess
- Multi-section flat seat unit
- Ergonomic back support frame
- Sun roof
- Therapeutic
- Transport bag for buggy
- Utensil bag for buggy

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