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Cruiser Buggy

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The standard equipment has an adjustable seat depth; A three-point seat belt with adjustable crotch strap; Removable and adjustable footrests; Parking brakes, solid rubber tires and a retaining strap.

The Cruiser Transit model is equipped with a fastening system for bus transfer. The buggy was placed in the direction of travel and equipped with a suitable five-point fastening system, which includes the padded shoulder straps. A headrest and back extension is included.

The anatomically shaped backrest allows an individual adaptation to the back. The modelable ABS rods are preformed with two bends each, thus adapting to the anatomically shaped frame.

Features / Components:
- Aluminum / steel foldable tubing, powdercoated
- Textile seat cover
- Full rubber tires
- Frame:Black
- Material cover:Standard:blue and pink
- Selection:Purple, dark blue, turquoise

Options / Accessories:
- Removable adduction strap
- Detachable abduction strap
- Add / abduction straps for seats
- Angle adjustable footplates
- heel / ankle cuffs
- Hanger
- Anti-tip protection
- Headrests
- Back extension
- Steering stop
- Three-point lap belt
- padded shoulder straps
- Detachable torso support vest
- Removable trunk support - easy
- Detachable trunk support - double
- Wedge cushion
- Flat seat insert
- Seating insert with buttressing & chamfering
- Multi-section flat seat unit
- Seating insert with buttress recess
- Multi-section flat seat unit
- Ergonomic back support frame
- Sun roof
- Therapeutic
- Transport bag for buggy
- Utensil bag for buggy

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