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Discovery Straßenuntergestell

Product Type:
Seat shell underfloor, undercarriage

Areas of Application:
- Seat shell
- Undercarriage
- Chassis for orthopedic seating systems

Features / Components:
- Steel tube frame, powder coated
- Push handles / pushbars made of steel tube, chrome plated
- two steering wheels 8 inches
- two rear wheels 12 inches, with impact brakes
- Adapter adapters for all standard adapter systems

- easy forward pivot point facilitates handling of heavy seat systems and patients
- to adjust the seat depth, the backrest structure can be moved on the seat risers
- Backrest can be tilted over a grid
- different tire versions available
- in the area of ??the steering wheels abduced chassis frame for different footrests and footbanks

Technical Data:
Frame widths:36, 40, 45, 50 cm
Width overall:55, 59, 64 cm
Overall length:75 cm
Seatpipe height:47 cm
Seat tilt:35 degrees
Push handle height adjustment:20 cm
Inclination Backrest:30 degrees
Load capacity:110 kg
Wheel diameter rear:12 cm
Wheel diameter front:8 cm

Options / Accessories:
- Armrests
- Anti-tip protection
- Tilting aid
- air ripening
- drum brakes

Price (no guarantee):
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Otto Bock Manufacturing Königsee GmbH


Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH

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