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Tom 5 Streeter

Product Type:
rehabilitation pram with adjustment possibilities for size adjustment

rehabilitation pram for children

Tom 5 Stretter is available in two sizes and two versions, with rigid front wheels or with steering wheels.
The seat unit can be adjusted according to the body dimensions and thus ensures a suitable sitting position. The seat unit must also be removed and a compact unit is created by folding the underframe. The seat is also mountable against the direction of travel.
The backrest can be adjusted to the lying position by a simple adjustment. The sliding bracket can be adjusted in height by means of adjustable brackets.
To support seat safety, the rehabilitation car can be combined with the FLEXI fixation system.

Technical Data:
Detailed information is available on the homepage of the manufacturer or fitting sheet .

Options / Accessories:
- Headrest
- Thoracic pelvic
- lap belt
- 4-point lap belt
- 5-point belt
- Socks
- Chest shoulder strap
- Fixation Vest
- Abduction wedge
- Therapeutic table of wood with edge
- Storage basket
- Support plate for power supply units
- Summer slipper
- Winter Sling Bag
- Extended side protection
- Soft top
- Regencape
- Combination top
- Accessory bag
- Cover caps
- Drum brake

SHI aid number: (steerable) (fixed)

Price (no guarantee):
Basic model Tom 5 Streeter Gr. 1:2.490,00 EUR
Basic model Tom 5 Streeter Gr. 2:2.490.00 EUR
Basic model Tom 5 Streeter Gr. 3:2.590,00 EUR

The prices are recommended retail prices plus VAT.


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