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Anti-Freezing stick for Parkinsons patients

Parkinsons patients sometimes suffer from the so-called freezing syndrome. This is a movement blockage that makes it impossible for them to cross larger, visually unstructured areas on foot. You will then need a sample, e.g. B. two-colored floor tiles, or a visible obstacle to be able to go on.

The anti-freezing stick is a light metal support stick with an anatomical grip for the right or left hand, silver-colored anodized, which is provided with a fold-out cross bar. By operating a mechanism on the handle as an obstacle that is always available, it can help Parkinsons patients with freezing syndrome to overcome the movement blockage. The cross bar has a predetermined breaking point so that it breaks off if you accidentally step on it to prevent falls. It is available individually as a spare part.

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Curt Beuthel GmbH und Co. KG


Curt Beuthel GmbH und Co. KG

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