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Erfi Rollbrett Therapie

Product Type:
Roller board

(Information from the supplier)
The roller board is ergonomic, because the center of gravity of the body corresponds to the center of gravity of the roller board in the correct posture. This promotes body symmetry and enhances it. The roller boards are thus integrated into the body scheme. Orientation to the front, back, right or left is made easier.
Users can gain valuable movement experience and perceive their body and body symmetry during movement. But the tone is also regulated.

Technical Data:
Loadable up to: 120 kg
L x W x H: 66 x 40x 9.5 cm

Price (without guarantee):
109.95 EUR including VAT (sales)
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ERFI Produktions-GmbH & Co. KG


Sport-Thieme GmbH

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