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LongCo EM20

Product Type:
Three-wheeled electric vehicle

Through its three wheels and the wide rear axle, it has a stable position even at low speeds and in standing position. The carving axle enables safe cornering. The front and rear suspension makes driving on rough terrain easier.
The LongCo EM20 also has a reverse gear that eliminates the need to dismount and manual maneuvering
Individual adjustments are possible
The vehicle folds up and can be transported in the car

Features / Components:
- Electric Drive
- Modular
- Seat Height Adjustable and Detachable
- Reverse (on all 20kph models)
- Photon Headlamp Front
- LED Rear and Brake Light
- Horn
- Rearview Mirror
- Multifunction display with range indicator
- lockable batteries with quick change system and charger
- License plate holder
- Fenders front and rear
- ergonomic handlebar with adjustable stem
- EU-type approval
- charger

Technical Data:
Tempomat: manual limitation to 6 km / h
Front-wheel drive: 2000 W
max. Speed: 20 km / h
Lithium battery: 1 x14.5Ah, 750 Wh with LCD display
Gradeability:> 15%
Range: 50 km, 100 km with 2. 14.5 Ah battery
Net weight: 32 kg
Total permissible weight: 200 kg

Price (without guarantee):
4,999.00 EUR including VAT.
For the basic model
Retail price
Price Date: 09.05.2019



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Klaus Brandt PDiG

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update status: 09.05.2019

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