The focus here is on getting around in the home, in public areas but also about changes in the body position through movement. Mobility aids can be used for limitations in personal mobility through disease or disability.

These assistive products can:

  • Support mobility in and outside the home
  • Enable or facilitate the climbing of stairs
  • Make the use of vehicles possible
  • Assist the change of position (upright, sitting down, turning over)
  • Serve as a guide

Assistive products to support mobility from other assistive product fields:


Assistive products for walking

Walking sticks, walking frames and other walking aids promote individual mobility and independent living for people with limited walking abilities.

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Manual wheelchairs

Wheelchairs that are powered manually by the user or his assistant provide mobility for people with mobility limitations or impairments.

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Electric wheelchairs and scooters

Electric wheelchairs and scooters provide mobility for people with mobility limitations or impairments.

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Wheelchair accessories

These include safety belts, steering, control, and braking systems, tyres, wheels, lights and other accessories and special equipment for wheelchairs.

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Vehicles and vehicle adaptations

Cars, motorcycles, mobile homes and other vehicles can be specifically adapted to the requirements and needs of disabled people.

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Cycles and kick scooters

Special bikes and scooters are suitable for extending the range of motion. Moreover, there are many adaptations available to enable disabled people to ride the bicycles.

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Prams and buggies

Special prams and buggies - also called rehab-buggy or rehab-cart, for the transportation of children with disabilities.

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Stair climbers

The stair climber provides wheelchair users or people with limited walking ability the possibility to overcome stairs. Most of the stair climbers are operated by an assistant.

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Mobile or firmly mounted lifts are used as an assistive aid for lifting and moving people and eases nursing care.

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Assistive products for transfering and turning persons

For repositioning patients in bed or for patient transfer from the bed to a wheelchair, there are special transfer and assistive turning aids that are intended to provide reliefe for primary caregivers.

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Assistive products for orientation / canes for the blind

These include white canes, electronic orientation aids, auditory, tactile and visual orientation aids.

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