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Arthritis - Gehstütze Blue Skyle

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Arthritis crutches made of aluminum

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Arthritis - Gehstütze Blue Skyle


The plastic parts are made of impact-resistant plastic. The support is adjusted by means of a clip in height as well as in the arm length. The handle is made of hand-friendly soft material, the trough is made of impact-resistant plastic and padded.
Place the supplied Velcro straps over the forearm and fasten the ends to the Velcro fastener

Features / Components:

Color: Blue / Black
Adjustment Type: by clip in height as in the arm length

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Ossenberg GmbH
Kanalstr. 79
48432 Rheine
Germany Telephone: 05971 98046-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Arm pad to ground: 86 cm - 117 cm
Handle adjustable from center Edition: 22 cm - 37 cm
Load: 100 kg body weight
Weight: 690 g



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