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Underarm crutches

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The crutches are balanced and always hang vertically down. They are not top heavy, nor do they require clasping the handle. They can be advanced over a finger. The foot is made of a rubber-like material that comes in three degrees of hardness. The angle combination of the handle and the anatomically shaped handles on the models Goldstandard and Masterpiece allow for an appropriate embrace depending on the size of the hand.
The manual closure is only needed to control the walking aids and to support them. The forearm is the lever that allows the crutches to be placed without strain on the hands and joints.
The crutches are equipped with 70-foot stools as standard. All three models can be rotated in their version, so that you can choose whether a harder or softer touchdown is more pleasant.

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Price Date:05.11.2018

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Ossenberg GmbH
Kanalstr. 79
48432 Rheine
Germany Telephone: 05971 98046-0 Email: Homepage:


Ossenberg GmbH
Kanalstr. 79
48432 Rheine
Germany Telephone: 05971 98046-0 Email: Homepage:


Independent: Axisymmetric grips, ergonomic soft touch grip, Price: 93.30 EUR per pair

Gold standard: Anatomical handles for each right and left, Price: 119.35 EUR per pair

Masterpiece: Anatomical handles for each right and left cork, Price: 147.55 EUR per pair

Carbon: Anatomical handles made of cork, elastic handle, Price: 370.00 EUR per pair



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