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Atila Kinderrollator

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There are 3 images available for this product:

  1. Meo mit Doppelrollen vorne, Hinterräder mit Handbremse
  2. Meo mit starrer Vorderachse, Hinterräder mit Schleifbremse
  3. Meo mit starrer Vorderachse und Gummikappen hinten

Features / Components:

- especially for children
- height adjustable
- rigid
- available in 3 versions (see below)
- with height-adjustable and angle-adjustable handles
- Can be used indoors and outdoors

Price (without guarantee):

Rollator Atila 0: feet in the back, fixed wheels in front: 562,80 EUR
Rollator Atila 1: front articulated wheels, rear fixed wheels, handbrake: 886,00 EUR
Rollator Atila 2: fixed wheels, grinding brake (friction brake): 644,00 EUR
Rollator Atila 3: front articulated wheels, rear fixed wheels, grinding brake (friction brake): 886,00 EUR

The prices are recommended retail prices plus VAT.

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Eurovema AB
Baldersvägen 38
33225 Gislaved
Sweden Telephone: +46 371 390100 Email: Homepage:


Volaris Deutschland GmbH
Rheinstr. 36
51789 Lindlar
Germany Telephone: 02266 4794 300 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

Load capacity: 50 kg
Weight: 5 kg
Total height: 57-80 cm
Total width: 57 cm
Total depth: 57 cm
Width between handles: 36 cm
Seat height (equals leg length): 39 cm
Wheel size: 15 cm

Options / Accessories:

- Basket
- seat (can only be used with tablet)
- Tray



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