Case Study
Arbeits­platz­gestaltung und Beschäftigungssicherungs-Zuschuss für eine Küchenhilfe


The employer is a nursing home.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The woman has a spasticity and is greatly impaired mobility. You should be very limited loads manually lift and carry and no go long ways. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 100 The severely handicapped carries the frontlets G.

Training and job:

The employee has not completed any vocational training and is employed by the employer as an assistant in the kitchen. The employee is in the kitchen area or in the station kitchen, inter alia, used for food supply and the washing of dishes and cutlery. At the station 19 people are cared for in exchange shifts from the staff, well maintained and cared for. From the employer's perspective, the severely disabled employee has a power output of about 30% of a comparable colleague. The crockery and cutlery was stored on a baking sheet under the sink and conditional handling (six rinses per layer) is a frequent bending and coordinated drop in Hock and Bückstellungen. The kitchen was therefore new and ergonomically (grasping space, short distances and Aids / dishwasher etc.) redesigned to shorten the long way especially for the employee and to avoid the intake of postures as well as the long hand of loads. In addition, mobile table cars were used with the same height as the countertops and discharge points in the eating area and a transport-walker. The transport-walker is used to associate the same time as transport and walking

Assistive devices used:

with both arms handled walking aids tools for serving and serving of food and drinks rolling tables (transport rollators) storage and supply systems

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Funding and participation:

The work design was promoted by the Integration and Inclusion Office. The integration and inclusion office also grants the employer an employment security subsidy to compensate for the extraordinary burden caused by the reduced work performance. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration or inclusion office.

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