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Gestaltung eines Montagearbeitsplatzes


The company develops, manufactures and markets with its 81 employees plasma device for surface treatment

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

Due to a long-ago accident was amputated at the thigh area the man's left leg. Since the wearing of a prosthesis is currently not possible, he is able to walk only with the aid of two crutches. The man should not be used for lifting and carrying loads. He should also perform activities only in a sitting position - but this leads to a restriction of the gripping area. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 70 The severely handicapped contains the frontlets G.


The man works on a part time basis 30 hours a week as a mechanic with the employer

Workplace and work duties:

The man mounted on his workplace in the production power supplies in only a sitting position. To take an optimal working posture, ergonomic work equipment such as a powered height adjustable work table and an individually adaptable work chair can be used with casters. Since the components required for installation can not be retrieved from the shelf, the components concerned on the work table in warehouse bins were provided. In addition to the Storage bin also all the tools and instruments in the gripping area were placed on the work table. To this end, brackets or hangers with spring balancers for the required tools (eg electric screwdrivers) and a table structure for the instruments on the work table were installed. When standing up and sitting down there was a danger of falling, as the work chair could roll away. The existing work chair was therefore replaced by a work chair with braked castors (lockable hand lever) and foot ring

Assistive devices used:

crutches work tables, office tables, lecterns (working tables) workbenches, welding tables, assembly tables and packing tables (assembly workstation) work and office chairs (office chair with roller brake) tool for fixing and positioning of workpieces and tools power tool and air tool (screwdriver)

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Funding and participation:

Workplace design was sponsored by the Office integration. The consultation was carried out by the Engineer Professional services for disability-related work planning the integration office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service. In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and phone. the integration offices.

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