Case Study
Arbeitsgestaltung für eine Lehrerin

Disability and functional limitation:

The woman sufffers from wear and tear changes of the hip joints, disease of the lower leg bones, a ligament instability of the knee joints and wear and tear disease of the spine. She has a degree of disability of 90 ( GdB 90).


She works as a teacher at a Grammar School. She teaches the subjects Music Education and Politics.


The distance between the Music and Instrument rooms can be reduced by installing a connecting (glass door) joining the two rooms. The glass door enables her to see into both rooms. As a technical aid she needs a computer (Laptop) which is easily transported and with which she can present her prepared teaching material to the pupils by means of overhead sheets. She needs to store the technical aids in a lockable cupboard which as well as storage also serves to protect them from foreign use and theft. For the lessons in the Music Room she also needs a standing seat and a portable frame. With the frame she can transport equipment and also use it as an arm support when writing on the blackboard. In the room for political lessons she cannot operate the available television. Therefore in this room a television set suspended from the ceiling ( 70 inch screen diagonal) with attached video recorder must be installed within her reach. A possibility of darkening the window on the sun side with a remote control is also needed. For teaching in this room she also needs an ergonomic standing aid.

Work environment (actual status):

The access to the building is possible from the rear on one level. At the rear of the building there is also a parking place for her. This is close to the access to the building. Music lessons take place in the Music and Instrument Rooms. Both rooms are on one level on the ground floor of the school building. Also on the ground floor are the school administration, the staff room and the sanitary facilities. The equipment in the sanitary room is standard. The room for the Politics lessons is on the second floor which can be reached with the lift. The lift is only meant for transporting people. It is not suitable for transporting people who are wheelchair dependent. For the presentation of the teaching material and transporting the teaching contents she needs an overhead projector and a television set. The available media at the school, overhead projector and television, cannot be used by her.

Work environment (desired status):

The present sanitary facility must be made suitable for the disabled by equiping it with - the use of a toilet suitable for a wheelchair with transfer and support aids, - a door for the sanitary facility with exterior impact, - a panic opener for the door, - an emergency bell and - a portable WC basin. The lift must be widened so that she can use it with the wheelchair. The doors to the school building are to be modified so that they can be easily opened by her. The automatically closing doors must be able to open by at least 90 degrees.

Assistive devices used:

toilets wash basins mirrors for facial care rollators bimanual handrim-drive wheelchairs fixed grab bars and handgrips gate, door, window and curtain openers/closers sunblind openers and sunblind closers doors personal emergency alarm systems stools and standing aids assistive products for controlling illumination

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Funding :

The disabled-friendly layout was supported by the Main Welfare Office.

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