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Berufliche Integration für einen Jugendlichen in der Montage


The medium-sized company manufactures cabinets ago with controls for the plant.

Disability and functional limitation of the young person:

The severely disabled young person has a spasticity. By occurring muscle cramps it comes to partial paralysis of the extremities. In particular, both legs and less severe right arm and right hand are affected. A movement is only possible with two crutches or walking aids. The young person can only work in a sitting posture, with the addition of the gripping area, the gripping and handling are restricted.

Transition school - job:

The young people attended a special school for the physically disabled. He could be taught after leaving the special school of the employment agency is not employed, so that he first a career year of primary school (BGJ) graduated with a major in economics and management. During this time, it turned out that the young people for activities in economic and administrative area or office area was less suitable, and this also did not meet his inclinations. He was therefore mediated by the rehabilitation team of the employment agency for further determination of the employment opportunity at a vocational training center (BBW). During a career choice and work-experience in the BBW was found that the young people are craft activities and a better employment in this field through a disability-related work planning is possible. As part of the testing work, he completed an internship at his current employer, who hired him down after the internship. The acquisition and placement of the internship was carried out by the BBW. In REHADAT You can also find vocational training centers, among other things, Berufsfindungen and work trials offer

Workplace and duties:

Following incorporation by the colleagues of the young people is used in production in the cabinet installation. He assembled there boards in the cabinets and installed the connection wiring. Disability Because it can not be incorporated into the assembly group with other employees, as his pace is slowing. He therefore assumes the installation of smaller quantities or special models that can be produced with less time pressure. The material availability is ensured by the colleagues. The installation of the cabinets or housing with circuit boards and their connection wiring be run by young people in a height-adjustable work bench with a support system for material boxes in a sitting posture. Are located on the assembly tables in addition suspensions with spring balancers and connections for the required power tools (eg electric screwdrivers). All tools and material boxes with screws, clamps and wires are on the assembly table so arranged that they can be easily reached by young people. For taking an ergonomic sitting position the youth stands at a height adjustable table assembly Arthrodesenstuhl available, the features in the front area continuously and independently adjustable seats for individual adjustment and thus sit a low load allows

Assistive devices used:

Workbenches, welding tables, assembly tables and packing tables (Tables assembling) Work and office chairs (arthrodesis) Tools for fixing and positioning of workpieces and tools Power tool and air tool (screwdriver)

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Funding :

The career choice and job testing and workplace design was funded by the employment agency. Moreover, the employer of the employment agency received a wage subsidy as integration assistance. In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and telephone numbers of the employment agencies.

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