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Standheizung für Pkw

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Parking heater for cars

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Standheizung für Pkw

Areas of Application:

- For preheating the car
- Removing ice and fogging from the windows


The parking heater heats the passenger compartment of the car without being dependent on the output of engine heat. This eliminates the need to scrape ice, and the preheated vehicle is already at the desired temperature when you get in. Depending on the vehicle, it is possible to have engine heating installed. The parking heater is easy to operate and can even be operated using a smartphone if you wish.

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Webasto SE
Kraillinger Str. 5
82131 Stockdorf
Germany Telephone: 089 85794-0 Email: Homepage:


KIRCHHOFF Mobility GmbH & Co. KG
Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 5
40721 Hilden
Germany Telephone: 02103 5876-0 Email: Homepage:

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