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Assistive Product REHA MultiKommander IR

Product Type:

Steering wheel knob


In the basic version, the REHA MultiKommander IR is fitted with eleven functions. This enables the operation of turn signals, hazard lights, wipers, lights and horn. Optionally, up to three additional functions (e.g. rear washer, rear window heating, window lift) can be freely selected.

The control element of the Multikommander works on an infrared basis and is held by a rotary knob. The rotary knob and control element are removable so that the vehicle can be used by other drivers in its series functionality. The standard control elements are not changed in their function and mode of operation by the Multikommander; the operation for non-handicapped people is completely retained.

Features / Components:

- dynamic turn signal reset
- removable
- one-hand operation

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor

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