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Assistive Product Careva Hüftgurt

Product Type:

Safety Belt


The hip belt is designed to prevent the pelvis from sliding forward and downward. The belt is often used for problems associated with spasticity or to prevent hyperactive people from disengaging from the belt.
The belt should always be mounted to a base belt and fitted with an additional fastener to provide a functional unit.

Features / Components:

- Seat type: suitable for front, rear and child seats
- Vehicle type: can be mounted in all vehicles where the seat and backrest are separate
- Wheelchair type: mountable on all wheelchairs with a fixed backrest and an opening between the seat surface and the backrest
- crotch holder
- standard version with additional fastener on the side as a locking device (Careva hip set)
- sizes: S, M, L

Price (without guarantee):

156,95 EUR plus VAT.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Further Information

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Careva AB
Theres Svenssons gata 10
417 55 Göteborg
Sweden Telephone: +46 31 222800 Email: Homepage:


Mobilcenter Zawatzky GmbH
Bemannsbruch 2 - 4
74909 Meckesheim
Germany Telephone: 06226 9217-0 Email: Homepage:

T-RV Technik und Reha Vertriebs GmbH
Gewerbering 47
76287 Rheinstetten
Germany Telephone: 07242 257960 Email: Homepage:

Automobile Sodermanns - Reha Mobilitätszentrum NRW
Auf dem Taubenkamp 12
41849 Wassenberg
Germany Telephone: 02432 933890 Email: Homepage:

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