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Assistive Product Digitaler Gasring Darios

Product Type:

Digital Gas Ring


Both hands can stay on the steering wheel.
Darios adapts to the speed of the vehicle. At slow speed, acceleration is smooth, progressive and economical. However, full engine power always remains available, even at slow speed.
At fast speeds, acceleration is more dynamic, for example, to perform fast overtaking maneuvers precisely and easily, and to ensure safe driving. The ring rotates freely on its holder to facilitate acceleration when exiting a corner.
The pedals remain functional and the adjustment of the steering wheel is also maintained. The throttle ring can be easily deactivated via a switch.

Features / Components:

- Vehicle type: automatic
- Assembly: on the steering wheel
- compatible with airbag steering wheels
- compatible with airbag in the knee zone
- Stroke from idle to full throttle: about 18 mm
- Force required: about 3 N

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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